What Do You Need To Know About Brain Aneurysms
What Do You Need To Know About Brain Aneurysms
    March 25, 2022
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As experts that offer Brain Aneurysm Coiling in Gurgaon say that brain aneurysms can easily be treated using surgery if they have ruptured or there is a risk they will. Preventive surgery is ideally recommended if there is a huge risk of rupture. This is because surgery has its own risk of potentially serious complications, including brain damage or stroke.

Understanding your risk

If you are diagnosed with an unruptured brain aneurysm, then a professional will conduct a risk assessment to understand whether surgery is essential.

The assessment process depends on the given factors

The age

Research has found that the risk associated with surgery in older adults is often more than potential benefits.

The size of the aneurysm

Brain aneurysms more giant than 7MM are likely to require surgical treatment as a new seems larger than 3MM in cases with no other risk factors.

The location of the brain aneurysm

Brain aneurysms located on the larger blood vessels have a significant risk of rupture.

Family history

Brain aneurysms are likely to have a considerable risk of rupturing if you have a history of a ruptured brain aneurysm in the family.

Underlying health conditions

Some health conditions are likely to increase the risk of rupture, including high blood pressure.

Active observation

If the risk of rupture is considered low, then a policy of active observation is generally recommended. You won’t receive instant surgery, but you will be given regular checkups, so your brain aneurysm is carefully monitored. You might also be given your medication to lower your blood pressure. The doctor will also discuss the lifestyle changes that can help lower the risk of rupture, like losing weight and reducing the fat amount in your diet.

Surgery and processes

If preventive treatment is recommended, the two main techniques used are neurosurgical clipping and endovascular coiling. These techniques help prevent ruptures by stopping blood from flowing into the brain aneurysm.

Things to know about Brain Aneurysm Coiling in Delhi

Endovascular coiling is ideally carried out under general anaesthetic, and the process includes inserting a thin tube known as a catheter in the artery of your groin or leg. The tube is generally guided through the network of blood vessels up to your head and finally into the brain aneurysm. The small platinum coils are then passed through the tube into the brain aneurysm. Once the aneurysm is complete of coils, blood cannot enter it. This means it is sealed off from the main artery, which prevents rupturing or growing.

Emergency treatment

You will initially be given a medication known as nimodipine to reduce the risk of blood supply to the brain becoming severely disrupted if you require emergency treatment because of the ruptured brain aneurysm. After that, coiling or clipping can be used to repair the ruptured brain aneurysm, and the technique used will usually be determined by the experience and expertise of your surgeon. In some cases, the differences between the methods are least important. Things like your recovery time in hospital stay depend on the severity of the rapture and the type of surgery carried out.

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