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Risks, Benefits, and Complications involved in Brain Surgery

When it comes to medical procedures, there are a lot of risks, benefits, and complications that can go with them. Surgery may be one of the most important things you do for your health and well-being, but it’s not without its risks. Now, we’ll explore everything you need to know about brain surgery—from the risks

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What Do You Need To Know About Brain Aneurysms

As experts that offer Brain Aneurysm Coiling in Gurgaon say that brain aneurysms can easily be treated using surgery if they have ruptured or there is a risk they will. Preventive surgery is ideally recommended if there is a huge risk of rupture. This is because surgery has its own risk of potentially serious complications,

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Brain Stroke Treatment

A stroke or brain attack is a condition in which the brain cells die suddenly due to a lack of oxygen, and it can be caused find obstruction in the blood flow or the rupture of an artery that feeds the vein. The patient suddenly loses the ability to speak. There may be memory problems, or one side of the body can be paralyzed.

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Brain Bleeds: Facts and Fiction

Do you understand the distinction between a brain stroke treatment in Gurgaon and a brain hemorrhage treatment in Gurgaon? A brain aneurysm rupture and a stroke may share some of the same symptoms, but significant differences exist. But who is most prone to be impacted by these conditions? Now is an excellent time to answer

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Brain Aneurysm: Diagnosis And Best Treatment

The brain contains a large number of blood vessels for transporting important chemicals in and out of the brain. In normal cases, these vessels are smooth without any structural abnormality.

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The best place for treatment of strokes

A stroke is a medical emergency which requires prompt attention and treatment to improve survival rates as well to minimize the adverse consequences that can result. Therefore the appropriate treatment by an expert on such neurological conditions such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria, stroke specialist in Gurgaon, is necessary when it comes to the management of a stroke.

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