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Know About Pediatric Brain Tumors

Most solid tumors in children are found in the brain. Every year, about 4,000 children and teens are told they have a primary brain tumor. Primary brain tumors begin in the brain and don’t spread to other parts. Most cancers that start in the central nervous system are brain tumors. Brain tumors start in the

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Understanding Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Treatments

A tumor is a lump of tissue that forms due to a collection of aberrant cells. Unlike normal body cells, Tumor cells continue to develop even when they are not needed. A brain tumor is a benign or cancerous growth or mass in the brain. It happens when brain cells proliferate and develop out of

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Types Of Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is also known as an intracranial tumor. A brain tumor may be benign or malignant. Benign tumors do not have the potential to metastasize, yet they may affect the functioning of the brain.

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Treating tumors in the base of the skull

The base of the skull is that part of your head on which your brain lies. It is made of multiple bones which are fused together with sutures. It is a complex region of the brain, because all the blood vessels supplying the brain.

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Myths and Facts that you need to know about Brain Tumors

When it comes to all types of cancer, there is plenty of information regarding all the aspects of cancers available on the internet, meaning that people can gain.

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