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The Truth About Cervical Spine Surgery

Complications are always possible throughout any surgical operation. However, even with minimal risk, significant issues can arise. According to experts studying mortality rates after cervical spine surgery, death is an infrequent, almost non-existent complication of neck surgery. Operations on the Neck are Common in the US In the United States, neck issues are frequently surgically

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Suffering From Spinal Disorder: Choose Best Spine Surgeon In Gurgaon

When the pain in the spine first strikes the patient, he preferably consults with the family doctor, who in most cases is MD in medicine.

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Approaches To Minimally Invasive Surgery

With the introduction of advanced technology in the field of medical sciences, surgery have become a lot easier and less complicated. The risk of surgery gets significantly lowered and the recovery period from surgery is greatly reduced.

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Dealing with problems of the spine

The human body is structures in such a way that our back bone or vertebral column has a significant role to play in the determining how our body functions. This is because it is our vertebral column which helps us.

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