Microdiscectomy: What to Expect After Microdiscectomy Surgery
Microdiscectomy: What to Expect After Microdiscectomy Surgery
    July 15, 2022
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A herniated lumbar disc commonly necessitates lumbar microdiscectomy surgery to relieve back and leg pain and sciatica symptoms. This procedure’s primary goal is to relieve leg pain and regain function, performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. While it is hoped that the operation will alleviate or eliminate any accompanying back pain, the procedure is usually most successful at relieving leg pain.

It is possible to anticipate some aspects of the recovery process, although different Neurosurgeon Doctor In Gurgaon advocate slightly different postoperative care methods.

What to expect during each stage of recovery after a lumbar microdiscectomy, as well as the basic principles of postoperative pain management, are outlined in these instructions.

What is the Microdiscectomy Recovery Time?

Because of the minimally invasive nature of microdiscectomies, patients can expect a swift return to normal activities afterward. Most microdiscectomy patients can expect to return home within 24 hours of the procedure. Physical or occupational therapists can advise you on how to reduce the strain on your back and when you can resume your regular routines after your treatment is complete.

A microdiscectomy has a low to moderate level of discomfort compared to other surgical procedures. Most patients can return to their normal activities within a week or two of the surgery. Tylenol is a common pain reliever, but if that doesn’t work, a small dose of Vicodin may be prescribed to get you through the first few days.

Microdiscectomy patients can expect a quick recovery and mild pain following the procedure.

Take a look at the microdiscectomy surgical procedure

Limiting activities for only two weeks following lumbar microdiscectomy may be acceptable for many patients despite the widespread belief that six weeks of rest is excessive following lumbar microdiscectomy.

  • Driving and other light activities can usually be resumed after two weeks.
  • Routine activities like work, school, and hobbies can be resumed six weeks after the injury; strenuous labor or contact sports can be resumed 12 weeks after the injury.
  • For the first few days following a lumbar microdiscectomy, patients should expect significant pain and fatigue. The first few weeks at home with a child necessitate the presence of a person who can assist with the essentials, such as cooking and housekeeping. A patient living alone may benefit from having a friend, relative, or paid aide visit regularly.

To have a successful surgery, you must prepare ahead of time and find substitutes for your normal daily activities. Before having surgery, it’s a good idea to do things like grocery shopping, errand running, housework like doing the laundry and changing the sheets, and more. Avoiding post-surgical bending and reaching using a multi-purpose grabber tool can be beneficial.

Getting Yourself Back on Track Following a Microdiscectomy procedure

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, moving around and exercising after surgery can speed up the healing process. The pain a patient feels in the days leading up to surgery often causes them to restrict their movements, which in turn makes the pain worse. The surgically removed soft tissues may benefit from an early exercise regimen.

Walking is a low-impact activity for the lower body. Patients who have undergone microdiscectomy surgery are often advised to start by walking only a short distance each day and to let their back pain guide them as to how far they can go. Full recovery is possible within two to three weeks, and many workers can return within seven or 14 days of their return to work.

Restrictions on Physical Activity to Prevent Re-injury

Bending, twisting, and lifting should be avoided while recovering from lumbar microdiscectomy surgery. On the other hand, the Best Neurosurgeon in Gurgaon may allow you to return to these activities sooner than others. Two weeks after a lumbar microdiscectomy, bending, lifting, and twisting did not increase the risk of re-injury or another herniation, according to the limited studies available.

Physically demanding jobs, such as those that require a lot of standing or lifting, should be avoided at this point because of the residual exhaustion and discomfort. Contact sports, such as football, are typically banned for at least six weeks.

Tissue healing can be sped up through the use of low-impact exercises

To aid in tissue recovery, gentle stretching and exercises can be recommended in addition to increased physical activity. Some surgeons may recommend physical therapy under the guidance of a qualified expert before the six-week mark. Others may prefer that the patient wait until at least six weeks have passed after surgery before returning to the gym.

Consult your Neurosurgeon in Gurgaon before beginning any new stretching or exercise regimen. You should avoid any activity that causes discomfort while your body is still healing.

Compared to other types of spinal surgery, micro discectomies are a relatively simple procedure with a high success rate and minimal patient discomfort, at least in comparison. Patients should have as little discomfort as possible and return to regular activity as quickly as possible.