Treatment for your neurological conditions
Treatment for your neurological conditions
    May 13, 2019
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What is neurological ailment?

When it comes to seeking treatment from a specialist consultant, most people are apprehensive to take the first step. Because they are always worried about the consequences that may ensue and they are afraid to find out what disease/ailment they may be suffering from. Especially when it comes to neurological ailments, a lot of people are worried that they may be diagnosed with problems that may be very severe, as result of which they always refrain from seeking help, until the problem has escalated. A neurological condition is any problem which affects your nervous system.

The nervous system in the human body is made up of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord, whereas the peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves that travel throughout our body. These nerves are responsible for movement and various sensations in our body. Since this system is responsible for most of our bodily functions, it is very vital that we recognize any problem in our nervous system early on and seek help from the best neurologist in Gurgaon in order to diagnose and treat it in the early stages, so that it can be completely resolved or at least to prevent it from progressing any further.

Who is neurologist?

A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in problems regarding the nervous system, be it the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system. Since the nervous system in our body plays a huge role in controlling various function sin our body and also the way most of the internal organs in our body functions, it is very important to recognize any problems regarding this system early on. Therefore input from a specialist in this case will be priceless and this is the reason you have to try and seek medical advice from the best neurologist in Gurgaon, if you think you may be suffering from and ailment which affects your nervous system. The common procedure in order to consult a neurologist is that you will have to first go through your GP, who is he/she suspects that you have a problem serious enough to warrant specialist consultation will guide you towards the best neurologist in Gurgaon.

What happens during the consultation?

A neurology consultation is just like any other consultation with a specialist consultant. Your doctor will most likely obtain a detailed history from you regarding the problem you complain of. Some of the common neurological symptoms which patients complain of include headache, disturbances in vision, dizziness and blackouts, seizures, weakness of paralysis in one part of the body, tingling sensations, disturbances in speech and memory loss.

Once your doctor has obtained a detailed history regarding your problems, he/she will then conduct a thorough examination of you. But on most occasions in order to come to a diagnosis, your neurologist will ask that you undergo various investigations such as blood tests, imaging tests such as CT scan or MRI scan of the brain and spine or even an EEG or EMG.