Patients Testimonial

Patients Testimonial

Treatment of Brain Haemorrhage is not easy. I consulted various hospitals and neurosurgeons to get the treatment for my elder brother. It was quite complicated as we wasted lots of our time in search of the right doctor. My friend recommends me Dr. Vikas Kathuria - Best Neurosurgeon in Gurgaon. Got the surgery done and my brother was advised for 1-month bed rest. I should say, he saved his life.

-Rahul Kumar

Dr. vikas kathuria is excellent in his knowledge and the way he made me understand my disease was appreciated. I recovered from my nonstop giddiness and headache with his treatment.

-Nakul Saarsar

Thanks to Dr. vikas Kathuria for treating my mother in law. She had large disc at L45 level and was unable to walk. She was operated upon by Dr. vikas Kathuria and Microdiscectomy with small incision was done successfully. She is perfect now and I also take advice for my back pain and continuing his treatment. He has good hands and give valuable advise. I would recommend everyone to visit him regarding all spine issues. God Bless him.

-Pankaj Verma

Dr. Vikas Kathuria is a skillful professional with complete clarity on how to approach and handle the problem in different scenarios. After my 6 months struggle and personal experience of treatment I must say that he is one of the best neurospine doctor in Gurgaon. First he assessed problem in Lumbosacral spine, As my Aunt is an old lady, I was not satisfied with the opinion of other doctors which was mostly surgical. Lastly he cured my aunt with local nerve block injections and medical treatment.

-Nadir Khan

My father had large brain tumour in left frontal region. Dr. vikas operated upon my father successfully. He removed the tumour completely and fortunately he recovered very well. The postoperatively Mri brain was so good and no residual. Biopsy was hemangioblastoma and he escaped from Radiotherapy. My father is walking talking eating normally. Highly recommended.

-Suraj Thakur

Dr. Kathuria is a really good doctor who knows how to explain the issue to his patients. He is patient and kind and takes care in more ways than one- minimum tests and also tries to make sure that you do not end up spending a fortune for the treatment. I wish him all the best for his career and life.

-Dolly Jha

I went to Dr. Vikas Khaturia as I wanted my physician to be close to where I live. I found him to be extremely professional. He supported me with thorough information about my ailment, and seems committed to getting my condition controlled. I recommend him strongly.

-Paul M. Ancheta

My father is a brain stroke patient. He got treated in some renowned hospitals but I was taking advise from Dr. Kathuria from day 1. He was really patient and helpful in advising us about the entire course of action. His advise helped us a lot in dealing with those hospitals. He also suggested us some names for speech and physio therapy, which was really helpful. Post stroke, he gave us some medicines for speech and neuro issues, which were helpful in improving situations. He also helped us with medical certificate for traveling out of India. I will definitely recommend him. Thank you

-Devender Jain

My eight year old baby Siya had suffered head injury , ahe waa very weak and was not doing well. We took treatment from Dr. kathuria who gave simple treatment and in follow up she is much better. She has improved in her studies and gained weight which was desired. He is good for paediatric Neuro problems. Highly recommended.

-Kamal Kumar

I am a patient of c5-6disc problem since past 2months. Thanks to Dr Vikas who treated me at metro hospital. I am now visiting in his clinic and almost cured completely with all his valuable advise and exercises apart from medicines. He understands the problem ist in detail and don't jump to investigation. He is a good doctor for spine.


I had cluster headache and i met Dr. vikas kathuria after being failed to get rid of my chronic problem . I consulted many neurologist including top hospitals in gurgaon. I was releived totally at skin aura clinic . He also gave treatment for my cervical disc.

-Uttam Singh

I suffered severe head injury 2 months back. I had clotting in my brain. From day one I was in contact with Dr. Vikas kathuria for guidance and now my follow up is being continued with him. He is an amazingly good doctor and very patient. His prescription is with timings of drugs and I liked it much. Ambience of clinic was very good. Now I am free from headache and seizures. I have returned to my work only because of his good treatment.


I had problems in fingers of my right hand due to lunar nerve involvent. My friend who is a old patient of Dr. vikas kathuria told me about visiting skin aura brain clinic. I took treatment for 3 months. I am certainly better in my neurology and power of right hand. The staff is also polite and helpful. I also got discounted consultation for my skin condition. Thanks


My mother is suffering from Lumbar disc problem. We are in follow up with the doctor. He explained us everything in detail, Mri was done, Bone densitometery was done. With the reports we are happy that she continue on conservative treatment for her osteoporosis and getting relief from pain without surgery. He is a genuinely nice doctor who guides you better.


I had severe back pain. I had slip disc at L45 . I was afraid of my back and I was on rest for last 1 month. After treatment from dr Vikas kathuria I am back to my work. He is wonderful doctor.

-Krishan kumar

Highly professional and qualified.Thanks to him i fully releived of my migraine .Every other doctor was just writing Mri and tests .He is the one who picked up the disease andvgave mevdrugs which were free from sedation. I am very impressed , staff is also very cooperative.

-Ankul tiwari

My wife Lijarani had bad headache for last 3years, no relief with other doctor treatment. I took consultation with skin aura brain. She is cured after 10days only and is on preventive measures. Thanks doc. Highly recommended.

-Ramiya Ranjan Mallick

My mausi sulekha das was very upset with her severe depression and anxiety, panic attacks. No other doctor was able to treat her and she deteriorated. Since we have started treatment with skin aura , she is much better. Thanks doctor.

-Pradeep Das

He is a very genuine neuro doctor in Gurgaon. This is best clinic for neuro related diseases. Highly recommended.

-RUPESH kush

Doctor vikas is very friendly with big ear for patient concerns..i went to him for my frequent headaches..he listened very patiently and explained me probable root causes..Also the prescription was very pocket friendly..

-Ram kumar

I was suffer severe headache for last 6-7 years. Then i took treatment from dr. vikas kathuria. This is my 2nd visit nd I am far better.Dr. vikas is very good in his expertise and he listened to us patiently. I am very satisfied with his treatment.


The way he diagnosed the problem was something which so far I have not experienced. He explained all those issues related to the health and also he suggested some treatment that is different from regular doctors. The session was in a friendly environment. Rather than explaining here I would recommend if any one planning to visit him, please go to him as he is the doctor for you.

-Neeraja Rajagopal

Definately a 5/5. I visited for headache and red marks on forehead. He is well acqainted in his specialisation. Listens to your problem properly, analysis it and gives to the bulls eye solution. No hurry at all. Does not asks you for any unnecessary tests or scans. In my case he even got my red marks checked from his wife who indeed is equally good skin specialist.

-Sajal Gupta

I visited skin aura brain and spine neuro centre at DLF PHASE 4 GURGAON for neck pain and severe headache , i am very satisfied.

-Kamal Kant Gautam