Problems Of Back And Neck
Problems Of Back And Neck
    September 1, 2020
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Neck and back pain are some of the most common conditions. The prevalence increased due to a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, and an increase in smoking tendency. Various preventive measures are available that reduce the risk of neck and back problems.

Back And Neck Problems

Back and neck problems affect several people. Elderly age people are most affected. Fortunately, most of the conditions related to back and neck are not serious. As the neck can perform a range of motions, it is prone to injury. The pain in the neck and back affects the quality of life and reduces the functional capacity of the patient.  Back and neck pain may be acute, chronic, and intermittent, depending upon the underlying cause. Sometimes neck and back pain may be progressive, and the severity increases with time.

Symptoms Of Back And Neck Problems

Following are some of the symptoms experienced during neck and back pain:

  • Stiffness in your neck and back around the spine.
  • Severe pain that radiates towards the lower side in your extremities.
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in the legs.
  • Pain and feeling uncomfortable while standing or sitting for a long period.
  • Pain in the back that may or may not radiate to the whole area.

Causes Of Neck And Back Problems

Following are some of the causes of neck and back pain:

Repetitive activity: Person doing strenuous exercise and repetitive actions may have neck and back problems. Improper bending and poor posture may also result in back and neck pain.

Infection: Infection in the bone may result in pain and inflammation. 

Tumor: Tumor or bone spur may affect the surrounding tissue. It results in back and neck pain.

Smoking: People who smoke are at increased risk for developing back and neck pain.

Obesity and overweight: Obese and overweight people are more likely to suffer from spinal problems as compared to people with a healthy weight. It is because of the additional strain on the spine due to excess mass.

Arthritis:Osteoarthritis may result in neck and back pain. In osteoarthritis, the joint between the bones is inflamed.

Disc herniation: Disc herniation is the condition of bulging of the disc that results in nerve compression. Nerve compression causes back pain.

Sprains and strains: Sprains and strains are another cause for back and neck pain.

Vertebral Compression Fracture: Vertebral compression is the condition with minor fractures in the vertebral column. It may result in neck and back pain.

Spinal stenosis: When space between the vertebral column gets narrowed, the spinal cord gets affected causing pain.

Sedentary lifestyle: Sitting for a prolonged period affects the spine and results in neck and back pain.

Myths Related To Neck And Back Pain

There are various myths related to neck and head pain. Many times, the condition does not require urgent treatment, but the patients move from one doctor to another and to physiotherapists and yoga teachers to reduce pain. It results in stress and anxiety. It is advisable to get the symptoms checked by the doctor and follow the doctor’s advice.

There are various misconceptions regarding the management of neck and back pain. These include stopping exercise, lowering the physical activity, and sleeping on the floor. However, you should follow your doctor’s guidance. It is also a misconception that women achieving pregnancy despite neck and head pain may have complications and should undergo a cesarean delivery.

The elderly are most affected by neck and back pain due to various underlying conditions including arthritis.

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