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What Do You Need To Know About Carotid Stenting?
  •  March 30, 2022
  •  admin

Carotid Stenting in Gurgaon, besides carotid angioplasty, are generally two procedures that can help open clogged arteries to restore the blood flow to the brain. They are typically performed to prevent or treat strokes. The carotid routes are located on each side of our neck, and these are the main arteries that supply blood to

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What Do You Need To Know About Brain Aneurysms

As experts that offer Brain Aneurysm Coiling in Gurgaon say that brain aneurysms can easily be treated using surgery if they have ruptured or there is a risk they will. Preventive surgery is ideally recommended if there is a huge risk of rupture. This is because surgery has its own risk of potentially serious complications,

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Find A Best Neurologist

You should always consult your primary care doctor first to receive the best medical care as your primary care doctor will be able to recommend you the Best Neurologist in Gurgaon at affordable cost. But in case of emergencies, it makes sense to consult an expert. Neurology is a broader complex niche of medicine that

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Brain Stroke Treatment

A stroke or brain attack is a condition in which the brain cells die suddenly due to a lack of oxygen, and it can be caused find obstruction in the blood flow or the rupture of an artery that feeds the vein. The patient suddenly loses the ability to speak. There may be memory problems, or one side of the body can be paralyzed.

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