What Do You Need To Know About Carotid Stenting?
What Do You Need To Know About Carotid Stenting?
    March 30, 2022
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Carotid Stenting in Gurgaon, besides carotid angioplasty, are generally two procedures that can help open clogged arteries to restore the blood flow to the brain. They are typically performed to prevent or treat strokes. The carotid routes are located on each side of our neck, and these are the main arteries that supply blood to the brain. However, they can be clogged with fatty deposits that slow or block blood flow to the brain.

It is known as a condition of carotid artery disease, which also leads to stroke. The process includes temporarily inserting and inflating a tiny balloon into the clogged artery to widen the area so that the blood can flow freely to the brain. Experts that offer carotid stenting suggest that it is combined with carotid angioplasty. Stenting includes placing a small metal coil in the clogged artery, and the stent will help prop the artery open and decrease the chances of it narrowing again. Carotid angioplasty and standing are used when routine carotid surgery is too risky or not impossible.

When do you need to go through this process?

Carotid stenting and angioplasty may be appropriate stroke treatments or stroke if you have a carotid artery with more than 70% blockage, especially if you had a stroke or stroke symptoms and are not in excellent health to undergo surgery. If you already had a routine carotid surgery and are experiencing new narrowing after the surgery.

The location of the narrowing is challenging to access with a common surgery, and then stenting is your best bet. In some cases, the standard surgery may be a better choice than tenting or angioplasty to remove the buildup of fatty deposits clogging the artery. You and your medical expert can discuss which is the safest procedure for you.

How do you prepare for Carotid Stenting in Gurgaon Delhi India?

Before you go for a scheduled angioplasty or stenting, your doctor will review the medical history and perform a physical exam. Then, you may have to go for an ultrasound, whereas a scanner will pass through your carotid artery to produce images using the sound waves of the narrowed artery end of the blood flow to your brain.

It would be best if you also went through magnetic resonance angiography. The example provides highly detailed images of blood vessels by using radiofrequency waves in a magnetic field or by using X rays with contrast elements. Carotid angiography is also important before going for stenting in Delhi, as during the exam, contrast material is injected into your artery to see better and examine your blood vessels.

Food and medications

You will get all the instructions on what you can eat or drink before your angioplasty, and your preparation may be different if you are already staying at the hospital before the process.
You need to follow your doctor’s instructions about adjusting your current medication. For example, your doctor may instruct you to stop taking certain medications before angioplasty, especially if you take some diabetes medications or blood thinners. You also need to arrange for transportation as angioplasty might require an overnight hospital stay, so you will not be able to drive back home.

What can you expect?

The carotid angioplasty is known as a non-surgical process because it is less invasive than any surgery. Your body is not cut open except for a very small nick in a blood vessel. Some people even don’t need gender anaesthesia, and they are awake during the process, but some people may not stay awake based on their anaesthesia and how sleepy they feel.
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