Effects Of Exercise On Brain
Effects Of Exercise On Brain


Physical exercise is not just good for improving your joints and heart and bones, it is equally important for the activity of the brain and mental well-being. People who exercise regularly feel more energetic throughout the day, take a quality sleep at night, feel more positive, has a great memory and feel more relaxed. Even 10 minutes of exercise can increase the alertness of the brain.

According to the experts, an hour of exercise in a day is advised to keep the body and brain healthy. Sports are considered as the best way to involve in physical activity. But it is absolutely fine if you don’t like to play sports, you can do dancing, walking, cycling or swimming. Exercise doesn’t mean playing sports it just means moving your body and being active.

How Exercise Impacts On Brain Health?

  • During exercise, the heart rate will increase. Increased heart rate will allow more blood flow. Better blood flow facilitates more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  • Exercise also increases the release of proteins of the brain. The proteins help in keeping brain cells healthy. The brain cells promote the growth of new neurons. An increase in no. of neurons is beneficial for the brain because neurons are the building blocks of the brain.
  • Regular exercise enhances the mood and reduces stress. Exercise helps in releasing chemicals like dopamine and endorphins that make you feel happy. Exercise not only help you to feel good but also reduce stress by removing chemicals that cause stress and anxiety.
  • Daily 15 minutes of walking or running a day can reduce the risk of depression by 26%. It acts as an antidepressant for mild or moderate depression without any side effects.
  • Regular exercise can sharp your memory and thinking ability. The brain release chemical endorphins that can help you to concentrate.
  • Small sessions of exercise can help you to regulate your sleep patterns and promote healthy sleep.

What Are The Various Exercises That Has A Positive Effect On The Brain?

Doing certain brain exercises daily can help you to improve your concentration, memory and focus. Some exercises offer the best brain-boosting benefits.

Draw a map of your city using your memory

The activity will increase the memory power of the brain.

  • Close your eye and draw a map of your town through your memory
  • Navigate your mind and add popular landmark like hospital or supermarkets and streets.
  • Then compare it from real map
  • You can choose a different locality for next time.

Involve in solving a jigsaw puzzle

Having fun with a jigsaw puzzle is a great exercise to challenge your brain. When you make your mind to joining 1,000 pieces of the image it will strengthen your brain.

Improve your vocabulary

While reading, you can keep a notebook and jot down the words that seem unfamiliar to you. Write down the meaning and try to use it several times. It will increase the visual and auditory processing of the brain.

Dance your heart out

Trying out the new dance forms and moves can enhance brain processing and also increase the ability to store. You can try salsa, hip-hop, Zumba, jazz and many other dance forms.

Listening music

According to some studies listening to happy tunes helps to increase creative thinking and brainpower.

Learn new skills

Learning new skills, languages or different art forms like mandala, zentangle and doodle art can improve the ability to concentrate and enhance memory functions.

Try using your left hand

Using your non-dominant hand can keep your brain alive helps to prevent memory loss and enhance mental fitness.

Try to teach a new skill to someone

To teach someone a new skill, firstly you have to learn the concepts and improve the mistakes that you made. This is the best way to expand your learning ability.


Study shows that socially active people have a low risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Social interactions are helpful in both short term and long term development of the brain.


Many research has shown that meditation is extremely effective to improve attention, focus, empathy and immunity. It also increases the ability to work memory.


In recent time, people have to spend a lot of time working on computers. But if they can spend even an hour enjoying a new hobby or listening to music or creating something they like, can help themselves by keeping their brain healthy and maintaining the vitality of the brain.