Suffering From Spinal Disorder: Choose Best Spine Surgeon In Gurgaon
Suffering From Spinal Disorder: Choose Best Spine Surgeon In Gurgaon
    November 6, 2019
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When the pain in the spine first strikes the patient, he preferably consults with the family doctor, who in most cases is MD in medicine. The family doctor may ask the patient to visit a specialist in spinal disorders generally called a spine surgeon. The patient should choose the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon.

Spine surgeon is generally a specialist in orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery and obtains an additional training or fellowship in spine surgery. Spine surgeon is an expert in treating various complex cases related to the spine including spinal deformities, spinal tumor, spinal injury, fractured vertebra, stenosis, herniated discs, scoliosis, and congenital abnormalities.
The spine is an important part o the body that assists in maintaining posture, movement and performing various activities. It is an integral part of the body and any problem in this vital structure requires immediate medical attention from the best spine surgeon.

There are various spine surgeons in Gurgaon and the main challenge faced by the patient is how to select the best spine surgeon in their area. The patient may judge the competency and expertise of the spine surgeon by judging him through various criteria. It is also to be noted that for judging the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon, the patient has to consult a few spine surgeons and choose the best for getting spinal surgery.

Following are some of the criteria that may assist the patient in choosing the best spine surgeon:

Comprehensive information dissemination: Many cases of spinal disorders do not require surgery and in such cases the operation is elective. In other cases, the pain, discomfort, and mobility do not subside with non-invasive therapy and thus spine surgery is inevitable. As a patient, you are the only one to judge the intensity, severity, and frequency of the pain and it is you who has to decide on surgery. The doctor who provides ample information and assists you in taking this decision is good.

Type of disorder: Orthopedic surgeon and Neurosurgeons with additional training, are capable of performing spine surgery. The orthopedic surgeon performing spine surgery would be more suitable in cases of bone deformity and other disorders that directly involve the bone while a neurosurgeon would be better in cases where the nervous system is substantially affected such as spinal tumors.

Experience and training of the surgeon: You should never hesitate to ask the surgeon about his experience and training he has undergone. After all, it is you that has to suffer in case surgery goes wrong. As there are various types of spine surgery, the patient should specifically ask about the surgery which the surgeon has recommended to the patient. The patient should not hesitate to talk about the training undergone by the spine surgeon as additional training evolves the skill in the surgeon for managing extensive procedures such as artificial disc replacement.

Hospital with which the spine surgeon is associated: The patient should also consider the hospital with which the surgeon is associated. Spine surgery is generally done through advanced procedures such as minimally invasive surgery which has less healing time and reduced risk. A hospital with advanced technology and huge infrastructure should be preferred due to two important reasons. First, the surgery would be conducted with ultra-modern equipment operating through advanced technology and second, if anything goes wrong, the hospital has ample resources to take control of the situation.

Do not always blank upon the second opinion: Many patients visit other doctors for a second opinion. It has been seen that the patient thinks that the doctor providing the second opinion is always right. This is not always the case. The primary aim is to get the proper diagnosis and decide yourself after consulting with a few reputed surgeons.

Taking advice from other patients and relatives: The reputation and expertise of the doctor are judged by obtaining feedback from the patients who had already undergone surgery from a particular doctor. These patients may include family members or friends. The information may also be provided at the hospital and you can take reviews about the surgery.

Success Rate: The Success rate of the surgeon and the number of surgeries performed is also an important criterion for choosing the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon. Based on the success rate, the experience and expertise of the surgeon can be judged.

Bedside manner and Patient-Surgeon interaction: a study shows that although the surgeon focuses more on surgical outcome and operative quality; the patient is more concerned about the bedside manner or physician manner. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the patient should also be on the priority list of the surgeon.