Seeking specialist neurological help
Seeking specialist neurological help
    May 13, 2019
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Can I be suffering from a neurological condition?

When most people hear the word neurology, it sends their minds wondering towards the most serious diagnosis that people can think of. People need to understand that not all neurological conditions are life threatening and that most of them can be completely cured or prevented from progressing any further, if you seek early advice and treatment from the best neurologist in Gurgaon. And this is the reason why you need to act quickly when it comes to a neurological ailment, so that you don’t allow it to progress to a state where there is no turning back.

A neurological condition is one which affects any part of the nervous in your body. When it come sot the human body, the nervous system has been divided into two parts, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central; nervous consists of the most organ in our body, the brain and the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system consists of the different types of nerves which traverse throughout our body, supplying various impulses to all the different parts. It is the nervous system consisting of all these components which controls most of our bodily functions including those which we can see to the outside such as movement and sensations as well as those functions which occur in our various internal organs. Therefore the nervous system plays a vital role in determining, how the human body functions.

Some of the common symptoms you may experience if you are suffering a neurological condition include headache, disturbances in vision, dizziness and blackouts, seizures, weakness of paralysis in one part of the body, tingling sensations, disturbances in speech and memory loss. If you have developed any of these symptoms and you are worried, you should seek medical advice immediately.

Seeking specialist advice:

A neurologist is a doctor who deals with and specializes in the field of neurology, and deals with problems related to the nervous system all the time. Therefore they are well trained to detect problems early on and they have the best knowledge on the course of treatment that you may require depending on the condition you are suffering from and the severity of it. Since the nervous system plays a vital role in our functioning, advice from the best neurologist in Gurgaon is what you may need.

The neurology consultation:

Just like any other consultation, even during a neurology consultation, your doctor will start things off by asking what problems you are suffering from. Once you state your problem to them, they will continue to ask more questions regarding it in detail. Once a detailed history has been obtained, your doctor will have a significant idea about what your problem may be, but he/she will continue with a thorough physical examination, which will further add proof to their suspicions of your ailment.

In most cases, when it comes to a neurological condition, although with a history and examination your doctor may be able to come to a conclusion about the condition, they will most likely order some investigations to be done such as blood tests, imaging tests such as CT scan or MRI scan of the brain and spine or even an EEG or EMG, in order to confirm the diagnosis and plan the course of treatment.